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Campsite Saint Jean de Luz » Ecological campsite on the Basque coast

Ecological campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Dear customers,

We are pleased to welcome you to our Basque Country Family campsite (4rd generation) located in a natural setting and preserved on the Bidart-Hendaye coastal trail, 50 m from Mayarco beach and 150 m from Cenitz beach.
In keeping with our beliefs about the environment, we have long opted for respectful and sustainable tourism, which is very appreciated by our customers. </ P>

Since 2003 we have been certified with the International Label awarded by the Education Foundation to Environment in Europe ;
In 2014, we obtained certification with the European Ecolabel, awarded by AFNOR according to strict criteria set by the European Commission and confirmed in 2016, 2018 and 2021 </ p>

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Our eco-friendly and environmentally friendly commitments

Our concrete actions as ecological campsite:

  • Staff training in eco-gestures </ li>
  • Sensitization of our customers to our approach, for example via the provision of waste sorting bags, environmental information flyers, the incentive to take less polluting public transport
  • Water : recovery of rainwater, monitoring our consumption to avoid leaks, water savers on all faucets
  • Energy : 100% of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources, skylights for natural lighting , use of low energy light bulbs or LEDs everywhere , twilight detectors (night) or cell detectors (day),
  • Waste : removal of single-dose and unnecessary packaging, sorting for optimal recovery, on-site composting of biowaste and mowing, grinding and recycling of green waste.
  • Chemical Reduction through the use of eco-labeled maintenance products , vinegar, microfiber cloths or other environmentally friendly processes.
  • “Green” investments in line with our philosophy: non-polluting, economical, efficient equipment, limitation of consumables, recyclable.
  • Choice of our service providers based on their involvement in our approach and their knowledge of new technologies environmental .
Thank you for your support and ideas for improvement.
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An insect hotel groups together several shelters with different materials inside that are specific to the installation of each insect.
It is a device that facilitates the winter survival of insects in ecosystems where pollination and biodiversity are sought, as in our vegetable garden.
Housing insects, yes, but not just any insects: the objective is first and foremost for gardeners to promote auxiliary insect species, which are precious allies in the fight against plant pests.
Beneficial insect populations are not artificially introduced, but are attracted to your garden and encouraged to stay there to feed on pests or ensure pollination.
Rather than using products to process our vegetables, we use a natural method!
The other advantage is that it helps to promote local biodiversity and restore the balance of the food chain.
The educational interest is also not insignificant: this is a very nice way to awaken children and make them aware of the richness of wildlife !

  • 1st floor : Straw + Dead wood.
  • 2nd floor : Planchettes + Pignes de pain.
  • 3rd floor : Dry leaves + bundles of bamboo stems.
  • 4th floor : Bundles of rose and brambles stems + closed box / 1cm hole with flight board
  • 5th floor : Briquettes + Core drilled logs.
  • 6th floor : Overturned terracotta jars filled with straw + cardboard.
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Flowered meadow

Here the campsite sets up a differentiated management with this flowered slope. The interest is to promote biodiversity (hosting pollinating insects : butterflies, ladybirds, bees) and to reduce the impact of human intervention.

flowered meadow campsite basque country

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