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The Port of Saint Jean de Luz

One of the great ports of France, a heritage of Saint Jean de Luz!

Classified among the major French ports, the port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz marks the history of Basque fishing. In the past, Alficans have adopted whaling and cod fishing, now they tend to focus on fishing for sardines and tuna. Despite this change in approach, fishing is an industry that makes tourists dream. Indeed, they are fascinated by fishing boats but what it made famous were trawlers. Moreover, tourists are curious to see them with their own eyes! These are works of art that make this port so charming. It should be noted that it is a very well maintained port by the State. So do like these tourists, visit this great port of Saint Jean de Luz and its boats and why not take pictures to make postcards?

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purchase of fish Saint-Jean-de-Luz

How to buy fresh fish in Saint Jean de Luz ?

At the port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, fish are the stars! They are there to be sold: tuna, anchovies and fresh sardines have made this port famous. Going directly to the port to buy some as soon as they arrive is not easy for a private individual because the auction is reserved for the wholesale market and professionals. However, there is an exception that allows small fishers to sell their harvest on the day as soon as it is landed. So you have to find them! There is also another way to have its delights, it is fishing for hake : hake, also known as hake, is a deep-sea fish species that can be over 1m long. It is considered the most noble fish in the Basque Country, which is why the great chiefs always put it in the place of honour on their menus. In fact, it is a craft activity from where when it arrives at the port, it is in perfect condition: fresh and still alive! So make your choice: order them at the restaurant or buy them!

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