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Visit Arcangues and its heritage, a few minutes from the campsite

Campsite at 13 km from Arcangues

Our campsite is located just 13 km from Acangues, 21 minutes by car from this charming village in the heart of the Basque Country.

Would you like to spend your weekend campsite in the Basque Country?
The village of Arcangues located just to the extreme west of this department warmly welcomes you with its calm and authenticity!
In fact, close to Biarritz and Bayonne, this very large municipality preserves its natural environment and heritage that are worth visiting!
So if you like, pack your bags and come to campsite located only 20 minutes from Arcangues !

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Arcangues, a village rich in activities

There are many very interesting activities at Arcangues: the most typical is the pelota Basque, in fact it is the sport that is practiced on one of the pink pediments of the village, you can play on site or attend championship games. But the golf course, with its 18 holes, seduces even more sportsmen, moreover, it extends on a majestic site in the middle of nature around the village and the castle. Moreover, it is part of the second generation of the Basque coast courses, which confirms its great reputation. For hiking enthusiasts, this small village invites you to participate in the three hiking trails that will allow you to enjoy beautiful and magnificent courses with very varied atmospheres along the golf course, the castle and through the undergrowth. Living traditions are still preserved by the villagers, the Theatre does not stop offering you entertainment such as a garage sale, musical entertainment or tastings of local products. You can also learn traditional dances that represent the cultural value and basis of Basque folklore.

Cheap campsite Arcangues

Arcangues with its heritage: an ideal Basque village

This charming village in the Basque Country has considerable heritage treasures that testify to its history and civilization: washhouses and fountains represent places of life and sources for villagers. What sets this municipality apart from the others and makes it unique are its architecture, either in the castle built in the middle of an oak garden that preserves the soul and passion of its ancestors and its building, which has remained intact until today, or in the cemetery on the tombstones, which are very exceptional and show traditional symbols in the Basque country. The visit of this historic centre can be started around the churches dating from the 13th century and which has one of the most sumptuous carved galleries in the country then the visit of the museum will undoubtedly allow you to relive once again the past.
For more information: Tourisme Arcangues.

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