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Imagine, you are invited to spend your weekend or your next vacation in a wonderland! What would you plan to do? You will probably discover the beauty of this country. Hendaye is one of the cities in these countries because it has a magnificent beach ranked among the best beaches in France and a wonderful castle with its domain known as a high quality geographical site!
Our Basque campsite located in Saint-Jean-de-Luz is only a few kilometres from the city of Hendaye, so don’t hesitate and explore all the treasures of the region!

The Boulevard de la Mer

A famous city in the Basque Country, Hendaye is located on the French-Spanish border in the Bayonne urban area. Renowned for its beautiful and exceptional beach, 3.5 km long, it offers its visitors 3 areas: the swimming area, areas reserved for water sports and the handiplane area which makes it special. So, everyone is welcome. Moreover, people with reduced mobility are accompanied by competent staff for this purpose. It is therefore a safe beach because it is equipped with 2 first aid stations “the whale” and “the 2 twins”. The latter is also the name of the 2 identical rocks in the ocean that give the charm of this beach. You can also admire the breathtaking views of the flowery coastline along the ocean. As this beach is made of fine sand, it favours many sporting activities such as surfing, windsurfing, cycling… the choice is immense! For those of you who like walks or hikes, you will be delighted because by taking the coastal path, you can enjoy the extraordinary landscapes. Don’t forget to visit the boulevard de la mer which is made up of excellent establishments on the beach and especially the marina, Aquitaine’s 3rd largest port in this sector.

Campsite around Hendaye

Abbadia d'Hendaye Castle

Classified as a historical monument and House of Illustrators, this magnificent castle is worth a visit. Whether you are a novice, curious or scholar, this visit is made for you! And it is true that there are permanent exhibitions that will allow you to quickly discover the landscapes of the domain but we advise you to follow the guided tour; so you can participate a little bit in the discovery of Antoine d’Abbadie. Walking around this estate around this castle allows you to have a magnificent panoramic view of the ocean and the city of Hendaye but also to witness a spectacular environment: steep cliffs in the foreground, the Pyrenees chain, the very diverse fauna and flora and the mountain of La Rhune in the background !
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