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Discover Ainhoa during your holidays at the campsite

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Take advantage of the ideal location of the campsite to visit one of the most beautiful villages in France : Ainhoa

Classified among the most beautiful villages in France, Aïnhoais a bastide in Pays Basque located on the roads to Santiago de Compostela. A former commercial relay on this road, it is characterized by the originality of its architecture, the beauty of its natural environment, its tradition of hospitality and its gastronomic reputation. Located between the Nive Valley and the Navarrese border, Aïnhoa is a bastide street, created in the 13th century to welcome pilgrims on the way to Santiago. Along its unique street, it boasts the white and red-coloured facades of its typical houses.
In a setting of great beauty, Aïnhoa offers a pleasant atmosphere that can be discovered by walking around it.

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Aïnhoa's must-see attractions

Your walks in the village of Ainhoa reveal its hidden treasures. Among the highlights is the church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption. Built in the 13th century, this church and its four-storey square bell tower is the jewel of Ainhoa. Dominating the village of Ainhoa, the church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption has harmonious proportions, the oldest part being built in golden ashlars.
Opened in 2007, the Heritage House invites you to discover the history of Ainhoa and Xareta on a 30 m² screen at 150°. Totally immersed in the image, you will have the opportunity to go back in time in search of Harri Xuri, the lucky stone… For 25 minutes, you will follow the Lapitxuri river and the secret corners of Xareta.
In the 431 hectare Ainhoa pastoral forest, you can encounter most wildlife such as deer, hares, etc. but also pottoks, goats and other animals that graze and walk.
Also don’t forget to take a look at the Chapel. Destroyed twice during the Napoleonic Wars, it was rebuilt each time. Located at an altitude of 389 metres, it offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Nive valley to Saint Jean de Luz, the Atlantic coast and even the Xareta circus.
Hikes on the Calvary side also allow you to have a unique panoramic view of the village below, the surrounding mountains and the coast.

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Basque gastronomy in Aihoa

Ainhoa remains one of the most typical and popular tourist destinations and one of the most beautiful leisure and gastronomic villages in the Basque Country. Already in the Middle Ages, gastronomy was very famous there. All the riches of regional gastronomy are to be found in Aïnhoa, those that are authentic from the family tables of southwestern France. The small town of Ainhoa can also be proud of the quality of its hotels, but also of the renowned tables noted by famous gastronomes, and that the great guides recommend.

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Basque villages around Ainhoa

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